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Understanding the steps to improve your cybersecurity

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The threat landscape is changing and so must our standards. Targeted attacks, ransomware, and advanced social engineering are raising the bar. Having a strong defense in depth strategy is the answer.

Risk Assessment – Know what’s important

The first stage to building a security program for your business is identifying critical assets and their associated vulnerabilities. Armed with this knowledge, we can address the key risks posed to the enterprise.

Security Roadmap – Tailored for your business

After establishing your risk profile, 1nteger applies security best practices and standards from CIS, NIST and applicable compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, DFS, and DFARS to form a roadmap for hardening your infrastructure.

Remediate – Take action on critical findings

The first steps on the security roadmap will be correcting vulnerabilities from the assessment in accordance with risk presented to your business. 1nteger can provide all remediation or work with your existing staff and/or vendors.

Managed Security – Continued protection

Security left unmanaged becomes a vulnerability. After mitigating the highest risks to your organization, we get to work maintaining your security posture. To address the ever-evolving threat landscape, we proactively manage your environment to keep stride with modern security standards.

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