Conducting an assessment is the first step to securing your network and the digital assets within.

1nteger Security reviews and analyzes all aspects of your infrastructure and works with you to take action immediately.

Our process goes beyond typical commercial scanning tools. By leveraging our deep knowledge base and industry expertise, we can provide a clear, customized roadmap for improving your security posture.

Our Assessments Answer These Questions:

  • How am I doing on security?
  • What should I focus on first?
  • Where are my biggest risks?
  • Where do I stand with my compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, DFS, DFARS, etc?
  • What should I be protecting and how much protection is appropriate?
  • Are my security controls working they way I think they are?

At The Assessment’s Completion, You’ll Receive:

  • Face-to-face review meetings in a language you understand.
  • An in-depth understanding of what’s happening on your network.
  • Better clarity on the non-public information on your network.
  • A prioritized action plan for remediating identified risks.
  • Flexible remediation options per identified risk
  • Budgetary guidance for recommended remediation options