Penetrations Tests, commonly referred to as a “Pen Test,” are proactive attempts by security professionals to actively exploit discovered vulnerabilities and break into, or hack, a corporate network and the systems within.

Penetrations Tests are conducted in one or combinations of the following scenarios:

  • Externally from the internet.
  • Internally within a company’s network – also known as a breach simulation.
  • Via Wi-Fi in close proximity to a physical location.
  • Through social engineering via phone, email (phishing) or impersonating a trusted vendor and gaining physical access.

All scenarios provide active verification of the efficacy of your security controls letting you know what’s working, what isn’t working and what an attacker could gain unauthorized access to.

When should I perform a Pen Test?

When your organization has made a concerted effort to assess and remediate known vulnerabilities and is actively managing threats, a Penetration Test is appropriate.

If your cybersecurity program is in the early stages of development or implementation phase, starting with an assessment is a better use of available resources.

After an 1nteger Penetration Test is completed, you’ll receive the following:


Documented evidence of any unauthorized access to your data.

Tools and techniques used in the test.


Remediation recommendations along with budgetary numbers.