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Effective cybersecurity is more than just running tools. It takes a proactive approach with hands-on management. 1nteger Security has the technical expertise and experience to guide your business long-term and continually improve your security posture. The threat landscape is changing – meaning our standards must evolve as well in order to better serve our clients. Targeted attacks, ransomware and advanced social engineering are raising the bar every day. Having a strong defense-in-depth strategy is the answer.  Contact us today to see how 1nteger Security can help you protect what matters most.

What our customers are saying about us.

1nteger has completed both a Cybersecurity internal vulnerability scan and penetration test for our company.  They were quick to respond to our requests, provided clear communication throughout the process and the resulting reports were easy to read with the remediation steps outlined in detail. Overall we are very satisfied with service provided by 1nteger.

Cyndy, Insurance Agency


We were looking to take the IT infrastructure of our company to the next step. We are an ITAR compliant manufacturing company where IT security is one of our main concerns. After quite a bit of searching we partnered with ICS / 1nteger to help us achieve our goal. This partnership has given us the ability to access knowledge and tools which have helped us create a road-map that will continue guide the company’s IT decisions into the future. This in turn led us to become more proactive than reactive and we continue to grow a strong company knowing that ICS / 1nteger is backing us up. I would recommend any company looking for a solid IT partner consider ICS / 1nteger to help meet their needs.

Peter, Manufacturing

1nteger was hired to conduct a deep dive assessment into our environment. They evaluated our internal and external security controls, policies, training, backups, email, physical security, perimeter protections, end point protections, shares, and ran vulnerability scans. They provided clear, detailed reports and all supporting documents. 1nteger Security did a great job and fully met our expectations. We highly recommend 1nteger and look forward to working with them in the future.

Brian, Wholesale Distribution


With the ever changing Cyber World as it is known today, a business cannot afford to have any holes in their network security in order to protect the integrity of their data. We as an Independent Insurance agency must protect our customers’ and our important information. To see how we were performing in this area, we hired 1nteger Security to perform a Risk Assessment on our entire network. We were very pleased as to their professionalism and knowledge while working with them. After a couple of months gathering their data of our multi-office environment, they presented a very detailed and structured portfolio of areas we needed to make improvements on, but also praised us in the areas we did well on.  We would highly recommend this group for any Risk Assessment or other IT functions one may require.

Regina, Insurance Agency


We wanted to be proactive about security but getting assessed seemed like a daunting venture. Jim and Ben did a great job breaking down a complex risk assessment into clear and actionable recommendations, and giving us all the guidance we need to ensure we are protecting our business appropriately

Matthew, Investment Service

Partners against crime… We appreciate partnering with 1nteger Security for our cyber-security needs. While we are a small firm, we have large responsibilities for our clients. It is difficult to remain current on emerging threats without the assistance of experts whose focus is cyber-security. 1nteger understands the needs of business and they balance the work that we need to perform with appropriate levels of security. They are realistic and do not conduct marketing based on fear-mongering; but rather data and knowledge. They have conducted a risk assessment, penetration test, advised us in updating our policies and procedures and assisted us in responding to client inquiries regarding cyber-security,  saving us hours of administrative work.

Kathryn, Law Firm

We recently began working with 1nteger Security. In this ever changing climate of data security we needed to incorporate a higher level of daily managed security into our business model in order to continue to provide excellent customer service. 1nteger Security evaluates our organizations security on a daily basis. We work directly with the 1nteger staff to ensure our policies and procedures are in place to remain secure.  Also, if our security were to ever be breached, 1nteger will help us remedy all situations. Cyber security awareness and training of our employees must be incorporated in daily business practices in this age of cybersecurity breaches.  We are so pleased that 1nteger Security is helping us keep our clients information as well as our own company information safe and secure. 1nteger is helping us make our clients security a top priority. 1nteger also ensures our business is compliant with the NYS Cybersecurity Regulation that is required of the insurance industry.

Colleen, Insurance Agency