1nteger Security’s roots are in Central New York’s premier IT and Managed Service provider, ICS.

Founded in 1985, ICS has worked alongside clients throughout New York and Pennsylvania to develop solutions to meet all their technology and telecommunications needs. Since inception, ICS has been committed to integrity, innovation and the most personalized, proactive, and professional, customer service in the IT industry.

As part of that mission, in the early 2010’s, cybersecurity became a major part of the IT industry, and ICS responded with a dedicated security division to better serve clients.

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In recent years, Information Security has further evolved into its own disciplines, including Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Penetration Testers & Red Teams, threat modeling and more.

Protecting digital assets & sensitive data requires a different toolset than keeping systems running, and in some instances implementing cyber security controls can negatively impact performance. Finding the appropriate security solutions for each of our clients, while striking a balance between protecting data and keeping system running requires a specialized knowledge base.

To respond to these increased needs, ICS owners Kevin Blake and Travis Hayes separated the security division within ICS and created a more focused company, with specialists and dedicated resources – 1nteger Security.

We’re invested in providing the very best in day-to-day security.

Our IT support experience, which originated at ICS, provides our strong foundation in knowing what it takes to keep a network running at its peak.

As such, we’re able to effectively protect what matters most to you – preventing attackers from gaining footholds into your networks, misconfigurations, missing patches, inadequate patches, end user mistakes and beyond.

We firmly believe that security is more than handing you a list of questions and delivering a report. Don’t be fooled by a paid scan telling you what is happening on your network.

You need real-world, hands-on experience to defend your assets from very real threats.


Our Process

At 1nteger Security, we will sit side by side with you to understand your business, help you see and visualize your risks, as well as identify your most valuable assets.

Together, we will determine the appropriate amount of technology needed to defend your company, organization, etc. against modern threats.