“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Ben Franklin

You’ve done the assessment. You’ve remediated vulnerabilities, mitigating your highest risks. Your security posture has never been better – let 1nteger Security keep it that way.

How much ongoing security is appropriate for my business?

Assessments, penetration tests and vulnerability scans are excellent tools and critical steps to understanding and improving your security posture.

However, these services only provide a point-in-time picture. Your environment is constantly changing – and new vulnerabilities are discovered daily.

From filling the gaps in your existing security resources, to a fully outsourced security team, 1nteger fits where you need us most.

We establish a strategic cadence based on your unique risk profile and routinely check the efficacy of the security controls you have worked hard to put in place.

Let the 1nteger Security team continually improve and add new controls, helping to manage your risk, and give you a peace of mind.

What is included with your Managed Security?

vCISO – Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

For many organizations, staffing internal security resources simply isn’t feasible, particularly at the executive level.

1nteger provides security leadership and expertise at cost appropriate for your risk tolerance. We work with you to manage risk and ensure that your resources are spent on the areas most critical to your business.

Incident Response

How you respond to cybersecurity events, like ransomware, CEO impersonation or active breaches, is critical to ensuring the least amount of impact to your business.

1nteger Security will integrate directly with your first responders to ensure bad actors are stopped as quickly as possible and prevent against future incidents.

Proactive Security Controls Monitoring

1nteger verifies vulnerabilities, that haven’t been introduced into your infrastructure, whether intentionally or unintentionally, by reviewing the configurations of your critical systems and scanning for software defects and misconfigurations on an ongoing basis.

It only takes one setting, one accidental click or one forgotten step, to compromise the security of an entire organization.

We find it before the attackers do.

Technical Guidance

One of our core beliefs at 1nteger Security is that handing a client scan output from a tool isn’t good enough. We provide actionable remediation guidance, assisting from discovery to implementation.

When all key personnel fully understand the problems discovered, the best fixes for your business can be implemented in order of risk priority and in a seamless fashion.

While our team includes high-level engineers with backgrounds in system administration, it’s critical to abide by the policy of segregation of duties in order to best protect your assets.

If you don’t have the appropriate resources to perform remediation items in-house, we work with other vendors and recommend ICS, Central New York’s premier managed services provider.

Governance & Policy Development

Communicating what is and isn’t allowed on your network is a key component to employee training and overall security posture.

1nteger will review and work together with your HR team to craft effective, enforceable and clear policies and procedures.

Security Awareness Training

Insider threats pose as much, if not more, of a threat to businesses year over year.

“Hacking the Human” through social engineering more often yields far bigger returns than hacking a system. Continual testing and training of employees is one of the most impactful controls organizations can implement to create to protect themselves.

What’s more, it’s also one of the most cost-effective strategies that 1nteger Security can provide.